About Intelligent Capital

At Intelligent Capital, we can help you prioritise what’s important for your stage of life and plan for the future, with a range for investments, pensions and life and health protection best suited to your circumstances.

The title Chartered Financial Planner is the most widely accepted “gold standard” qualification available for professional financial planners in the United Kingdom.

A Chartered Financial Planner carries equivalent qualifications to other established professions such as Chartered Accountants and Chartered Surveyors.

You can therefore be assured of the highest professional standards at all times.

New Financial Services regulations effective from 31st December 2012 include freedom to Adviser firms to decide which investment products, known as ‘Retail Investment Products’ (RIPs), to offer to clients.

If an adviser chooses to specialise in a particular area, or has chosen to use a number of specific product providers suitable to their client base and/or cannot advise on all RIPs, then the advice given will be ‘Restricted’ advice and not ‘Whole of Market’ advice.

Choosing to offer a restricted service need not be by any obligation or ‘tie’ to any product provider, but be a realistic examination of the Firm’s client base and their needs.

At Intelligent Capital we have tailored our new proposition in this way, but also retained ‘Whole of Market’ for clients where it really matters i.e. in Life Assurance and Critical Illness and Annuities, for example.

At Intelligent Capital, we are able to offer a Restricted Advice service, and where appropriate, we can offer a Whole of Market service.