The Benefits of Financial Planning

  • By Darren Scoon
  • 09 Feb 2023

The real benefit of financial planning is peace of mind. Peace of mind, security and confidence that your financial matters are taken care of.

Financial Planning often incorporates a raft of technical and complex topics. Our clients want to delegate the nitty gritty of their financial matters to someone who understands the detail whilst understanding what they want to achieve in life.

Let’s talk

It’s all about getting to know you, and you us. It’s here that we talk and listen to establish what you want to achieve, your relationship with money and if we can help you. The key purpose of this meeting is to decide if we like each other and if we can work together!

This is where we show you a complete picture of your financial landscape and discuss solutions for aligning your finances to the achievement of your goals. The output of this meeting will be culminated into your Financial Plan which provides your ‘direction of travel’, a timeline and our specific recommendations. It’s up to you to decide which route is the most appropriate.

It’s not all or nothing

It’s not unusual for someone to contact us about a specific financial need or product. Our expert Financial Planners can guide and advise you no matter what your query. Our service is flexible allowing us to create solutions that match your requirements no matter how big or small.

For us, financial planning is not about making you the most money or the biggest profits, it’s about giving you freedom and choices. We want to do your thinking so you can do your living.

Driven by values

Our values and beliefs are at the heart of what we do and underpin the direction of the firm. Our values are one of the reasons why we have won numerous awards and are often the reason clients chose to work with us. We believe your values should be a key consideration when creating your Financial Plan. We promise to apply our values to the creation and fulfilment of your plan.

Reasons you may seek a Financial Planner

We help clients at all stages of their lives. Some examples are shown below:

  • Setting up a new business or selling a business
  • Planning for Retirement
  • The receipt of an inheritance or other windfall
  • Performance of Investments
  • Passing on wealth to children or grandchildren
  • The purchase of a bigger or second property
  • Separation from a partner and associated financial guidance
  • Gifts

The benefits of financial planning

It is hard to articulate all the benefits of a trusted Financial Planner. Some can be captured in monetary terms. Yet many benefits are intangible, such as peace of mind and contentment from knowing that your finances are taken care of and you can get on with living your life. Priceless.