Market Views -

We are presently experiencing an unprecedented situation which has seen the biggest fall in the markets since 2008

The potential impact that this could have on the global economy in the short term can be alarming but we need to remember that investments are long term and over time the situation will be resolved.  We will provide regular market updates so that you can stay up to date.

Market Update 21-04-2020

So, I was reading last week that the car journeys in the UK for March were the equivalent of the volume of car journeys of a month in the 1950’s.

Market Update 14-04-2020

As we head into the 4th week of lockdown and with the prospect of another 3 weeks ahead of us it certainly remains a strange time.

Market Update 07-04-2020

Last night’s news that Boris Johnston is now in intensive care was shocking and really highlights how this virus has no boundaries.

Market Update 31-03-2020

Has this last week felt like a decade?

Many of us will have spent each day adjusting to the disruptions to our routines, our families and our professional lives. While some changes are manageable, others are far more difficult.

Market Update 24-03-2020

Stay At Home – The very clear message that has been given by the Prime Minister and that’s something that is essential at this current time.

Market Update 17-03-2020

Our last update covered the market generally and investor behaviours, today we want to focus on the aspects that are presently influencing the markets.

Market Update 10-03-2020

Last week saw the biggest fall in the markets since 2008 because of the coronavirus and the potential impact that this could have on the global economy.