Market Update – 15 Sep 2020

Life on Venus, this was the headline on the news last night after scientists discovered that there are living organisms floating in the clouds of planet Venus after astronomers detected a gas in the atmosphere that can’t be explained.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus is a book written by American author and relationship counselor  John Gray,  the book states that most common relationship problems between men and women are a result of fundamental psychological differences between the sexes.

Now why the author chose those planets has long been disputed particularly why he chose Venus for women especially when you consider that compared to Earth it’s a hellhole with 96% of the atmosphere made up of carbon dioxide and surface temperatures like a pizza oven – over 400C.

An interesting fact is that on the surface of the planet the conditions as mentioned are inhospitable with space probes that have landed surviving only minutes but 50km up from the surface where the clouds are it’s actually shirtsleeve conditions.  I imagine John Gray might have had a chuckle to himself yesterday.

When this appeared on the news last night I was sitting with Megan and Carol, we discussed the segment and then the book, this was my first mistake as I attempted to rationalise the concepts being made, my second mistake was a sarcastic comment – I now know better!

On a serious note however it did get me thinking however about how different everyone actually is and how these differences affect decisions and outlook.   It rings true particularly when talking about retirement planning with, and I generalise here, males likely to be more comfortable taking greater risk than females for no other reason than their own perceptions.

The real benefit of financial planning is peace of mind, but the role of the financial planner is to help individuals understand their differences and make decisions that are right for them.  Sometimes this means individuals or couples will disagree with each other but it’s healthy.

In the global markets today the Dow Jones Index is up 200 points, the Nasdaq has rebounded 3% in 2 days and Apple has risen another 2%.

Tesla shares jumped more than 4% during premarket trading on Tuesday, building on Monday’s strength, which saw the stock pop more than 12%. The stock was also on track for its fifth straight day of gains as it looks to claw back last Tuesday’s 21.06% drop, which was Tesla’s worst day on record.

And a survey by the Bank of America amongst fund managers stated that 41% of the managers surveyed expect significantly higher bond yields when a credible vaccine for Covid-19 is launched and that 78% expect the vaccine in either Q4 of 2020 or Q1 2021, so much like the rest of us they don’t really know.

China’s National Bureau of Statistics said on Tuesday the nation’s retail sales rose 0.5% in August from a year ago, the first positive report for the year so far. Notably, sales of communication equipment featured heavily.

At home London’s blue-chip index fell as the prospect of waning demand weighed on heavyweight energy stocks, while security firm G4S propped up the midcap index after it rejected a takeover from Canadia’s GardaWorld.

Divorce talks between the United Kingdom and the European Union continued to be at the forefront, with the bloc ramping up pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to step back from breaking the Brexit divorce treaty.  “Brexit is back with a bang, and there’s a growing risk that the transition period will end with no trade agreement in place between the UK and the EU,” ING economists wrote in a note.

Markets are also awaiting Thursday’s Bank of England policy meeting, where it is likely to signal more stimulus to lift the economy out of a deep recession that could be exacerbated by a messy Brexit. While steady stimulus has helped the FTSE 100 bounce from its coronavirus lows earlier this year, surging cases and middling economic data have seen the index stall in recent months, with new Brexit fears also expected to weigh in the near-term.

Just another week in the markets, volatility remains the same but for science it was a great week with the discovery of life.

Stay Safe