Here for you - Reaching your life goals

Whether we’re helping a personal client create a retirement plan, or considering pension provision for a business, we approach everyone in exactly the same way: as an individual. 

Because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Every client has their own needs and their own goals. Helping a young person through education, or at the beginning of their career. Buying a particular property. Or simply saving for a special occasion, like an important birthday or anniversary. 

Our job is to determine those needs, then help every single client to create — and stick to — a plan that will deliver on them. 

We’re not here simply to create that plan and leave it with you. We’re here to build a relationship with you that brings you support whenever you need it. Here to review things regularly, and keep them relevant. Here to help you work out what you want from life — and to help you achieve it. 

Retirement planners

The ideal position for someone approaching retirement is having the freedom to decide whether or not to keep working. That’s what we want to give you.

We’ll help you develop a strategy for financial independence, based on a range of options including SIPPS, personal pension plans, specialist plans for business owners and complementary investments like ISAs and annuities.

As with everything else we do, we review your plan with you regularly, to keep everything right and ready for retirement.  

If you're dealing with separation or divorce

It can be difficult to separate the emotional from the financial. That’s why it’s useful to have support on hand.

We have close professional relationships with family law firms, and we are associate members of the Family Law Association. We also have full qualification under Consensus Collaboration Scotland, giving us a unique breadth of knowledge in this field.

We help to provide clarity and apply sound financial modelling to these situations, helping reduce the stress and offer reassurance for the future of your financial planning. 


Our first job with investors is to establish your attitude to risk. Your whole portfolio will be based on that attitude, so it’s important to get it right.

Primarily, our role is then to create a low-cost, highly diversified portfolio and to review it regularly so it works for you long-term.

In addition, we’re here to ensure your portfolio supports your overall plan, and that every action taken with respect to it is in line with what you’re trying to achieve. 

Estate planners

You want to be sure that your legacy actually meets your wishes, and that it reaches your beneficiaries as intact and in line with your intentions as possible.

Which is why we advise on tax-efficient ways of managing your wealth and planning your estate. We’ll help you build a strategy, which may combine investing and estate planning, that provides you with a tax-efficient income, and protects the assets you want to pass on.

Wealth protectors

Protecting the income you have is every bit as important as planning for your financial future. That’s why we will always make sure your financial plans are affordable.

It’s also why we can help you put plans in place that will protect your income and/or your loved ones if the worst should happen.

Working with you, we’ll look at Life and Critical Illness Cover, as well as income protection policies from across the market, so we can set up the cover that suits your circumstances. 

Business owners

Our goal is the same as yours — to make sure your business is protected and supported in the present, and reaches its long-term objectives in the future.

We can help with key person protection, corporate investment, directors pension schemes and employee auto-enrolment and benefits plans. We can also help you prepare a strategy to manage future issues that may arise — leadership succession, for example, or issues related to ownership.

We’re here to offer impartial, expert, professional advice that helps your business get where you want it to go.