Intelligent Portfolios

Our investment proposition for private (plus corporate/trustee) clients includes advice and access to Discretionary Fund Management services, whereby we appoint a discretionary manager to act on your behalf, to make regular changes to your investment of the underlying funds in the portfolio.

These discretionary fund management services are available principally through the Wrap investment administration platforms where client money is invested.

The discretionary services available to clients include portfolios comprising predominantly ‘actively’ managed funds, as well as portfolios of ‘passive’ funds. Please speak to us for more information about these services.

Additionally, we also have access to ‘Socially Responsible’ discretionary portfolios on one of the Wrap platforms that we support. Unusually, there are three portfolios, two of which are suitable for Low/Medium risk clients and one which is suitable for Medium risk clients. We say ‘unusually’, as most Socially Responsible investment funds tend to be predominantly equity based and thus operate higher up the investment risk scale. There are few such Socially Responsible portfolios available for Low/Medium risk clients in the investment market place.

Please contact us for more information or speak to your Adviser.

“Transitioning to Intelligent Capital made for a very refreshing change. My advisor speaks a language I actually understand, so I no longer feel bewildered by the options.

I receive regular correspondence and know that I can contact my advisor at any time for a personal discussion.”

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