Business Owner Protection

Protection for business owners and their families

You are a shareholder or partner in your business, perhaps along with others.

Maintaining control and stability of a business in the event of death and or illness of a director/shareholder is vital.

Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself – before a crisis presents itself.

  • In the event of death, do the remaining business partners have sufficient monies to purchase the shares from the deceased’s estate?
  • If spouses are shareholders (whether they work in the business at all or not), do you really want to work with your ex-business partner’s spouse?
  • Do the remaining directors/partners have the correct, enforceable agreements to enable them to purchase the business interests?

If not, the beneficiaries could involve themselves in the business – or worse: sell the business interests to a competitor.

  • What valuation model has been established to make sure the purchase and sale are at fair prices?
  • Would the beneficiary be able to enforce the remaining partners to purchase the business interests?
  • What would happen if a business partner was suffering from a long term illness? How long would the business pay a salary or sick pay for?
  • If the business partner was not able to return to work, could the remaining business partners enforce a sale and take control, and vice versa – could the business partner who is ill also enforce a sale and receive a fair price?

There’s a lot to consider.

We can help you work through the issues for your business, and your circumstances.

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  • Cross Option Agreements for shareholders

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